Our COVID-19 Guidelines

May 07, 2020


The Laundry Room had barely opened up when Covid-19 began.  We understand how important it is for our laundromat to take steps to make sure you are safe during this pandemic.

We ask that you to put your clothing in the washer and then wait in your car until it's done.  Thirty minutes later, when your wash is complete, please come in, move your clothing to a dryer and then again, wait in your car until the dry is finished.  Once complete, take a minute to stack your clothes and then take them home to fold. You'll be safer and our attendants will be safer by doing so.

In light of the current situation, our attendants are constantly spraying our machines with sanitizer, both before and after being used.  

Safety is important, so please wear a mask to our laundry.  It's even better if you use gloves and goggles or glasses to help protect you and others.

The Laundry Room works hard to keep our laundry clean and safe for your use.  We care about the safety of our customers and attendants.  We want everyone to stay safe during this time.

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